Free in-home consultation



You are proud of your photos.

You've captured thousands of priceless memories. Where are they? On a computer or bookshelf, seldom seen?

Bring your photos to life with a Living Windows picture frame. Show off your photo collection in a custom presentation that will become the centerpiece of your home.

Your photos. Your memories. Your Living Windows.


You have many choices when it comes to displaying your digital photos. Here's what makes a Living Windows picture frame stand out.

Your style

Each Living Windows picture frame is custom designed to complement your personal style.

Flat on your wall

Living Windows picture frames can be mounted flush against almost any wall surface, just like a traditional framed print. At first, your guests won't notice it's a digital picture frame.

Clutter free

No messy wires, no hanging cords, no memory cards or sticks.

Total control

You decide what photos are displayed and in what order. Want to shuffle through your entire collection? Just show the photos from the latest family vacation? Play photos of the wedding in a particular order? You are in complete control.

Top-of-the-line picture quality

High definition screens provide the best possible presentation for your photos. You will see every expression and detail you worked hard to capture.


Designing and installing a Living Windows picture frame is a simple, straightforward process. We'll help you through each step.

Step 1 – Free, no commitment, in-home consultation

We will meet with you or your designer in your home to discuss your goals for your custom Living Windows picture frame. We meet in your home so we can get a sense for your style and the surroundings and lighting. Not sure where to locate the Living Windows picture frame? We can help with that too.

We will discuss alternatives for the Living Windows picture frame itself, including the size and shape of the frame, the framing materials available and frame styles and matting options, if desired.

Next we will walk through your existing photo setup, like where the photos are stored, how many you have, and how you would like them displayed. We will also look at your home networking setup. If you are looking to modify your photo or networking setup, we are happy to offer suggestions. Some clients find that this is a good time to re-evaluate backup, sharing and other photo collection practices.

Next we evaluate the constraints presented by the site, such as the availability of electricity and the construction of the wall where the Living Windows picture frame will be mounted.

Throughout the process, we will discuss pricing and how design and installation alternatives change the price. We can find a quality photo display solution for almost any budget, and will gladly work with you to meet your needs.


Following the initial consultation, we will send you a price quote that gives you the final installed cost of your Living Windows picture frame, including any alternatives discussed in the consultation and any related products or services. If a specific frame style was not selected during the consultation, the quote will not include the cost of the frame at this point.

Step 2 - Frame selection and ordering

If you are happy with the quote, the next step is to select a frame, since this is often the longest lead time item. Frames can be purchased on-line or at a local frame store. Either way we will provide the frame builder with the exact details needed to build the frame. If you want you are free to shop around to get the best value possible for the look you are trying to achieve.

Step 3 – Site preparation

After the frame arrives, we will meet on-site a second time to go over the exact placement of the Living Windows picture frame and prepare the wall for the installation. The preparation work usually takes no more than an hour, and we will leave the site and your home clean and protected.

Step 4 - Electrical installation

After the wall is prepared, the electrician will be on-site to do any electrical wiring needed to bring electricity to the site of the Living Windows picture frame. All work is performed by a licensed electrician and scheduled as close to the completion of Step 3 as possible to minimize the total installation time.

Step 5 - Living Windows picture frame installation

Once electricity has been provided, we will meet one last time to do the final installation, configuration and setup of the Living Windows picture frame and any related network devices. We will also take time during this visit to train you on how to use the Living Windows picture frame, and make sure you know how to get a hold of us if you need to.


We want to make sure you are completely satisfied. We will contact you after a few weeks to make sure you are excited about your purchase. And feel free to contact us first, of course, if you ever need help or have questions.


Because each Living Windows picture frame is custom designed to integrate seamlessly with your decor, the total price of the solution can vary significantly from home to home. Generally, the biggest factors influencing the final price are:

  • The size and quality of the screen
  • The size and quality of the frame
  • The complexity of the location, including the access to electricity and the construction of the wall
  • The need for additional network equipment or network storage space for photos

During our initial consultation, we will discuss all of these factors with you and help you design a Living Windows picture frame that will fit within your budget. That way, before you decide to proceed with the project, you will understand the total price of your Living Windows picture frame and can feel confident that you won't be caught by surprise.

We can find a quality photo display solution for almost any budget, and will gladly work with you to meet your needs.

Regardless of the final price, we are confident that you will love your Living Pictures picture frame. Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation.


Q: What do I need in order to be able to install a Living Windows picture frame?

A: Digital photos. We can provide everything else. During the initial consultation, we will go over your existing setup with the goal of meeting your needs inside of your budget.

Q: Can I select the pictures I want displayed?

A: Absolutely. The Living Windows picture frames display just the photos you want in the order you want them. And you can change the setup any time.

Q: What is the warranty? What happens if something goes wrong?

A: Living Windows picture frames are supported for as long as you own it. The only additional cost you may pay is the cost of the replacement of the screen at the end of it's normal life.

With Living Windows, you are purchasing a photo display solution. If anything ever stops working, you need to change the network configuration, or need other help in any way, just contact us. Our most important goal is to make sure you are excited about your Living Windows frame for as long as you own it.

Q: Will a Living Windows picture frame damage my wall?

A: Probably. Most clients want their Living Windows picture frame to be mounted flat against the wall. Although it is possible to make a picture frame that is flat against the wall without damaging the wall, it is much less expensive to integrate the Living Window into the wall. In addition, some modification to the wall is almost always needed in order to hide the electrical connection. If you are ever dissatisfied with the Living Windows picture frame, we will remove the frame and return the wall to its original condition free of charge, so you have nothing to lose.

Q: Can a Living Windows picture frame be used together with traditional framed prints?

A: Absolutely. Try combining one or two Living Window picture frames on the same wall with one or more traditional framed prints or your favorite artwork for a unique look.

Q: Are there limits to the size or shape of the Living Windows picture frames?

A: Not technically, but size and shape will impact cost significantly and unusual sizes will require additional design and installation effort. The sweet spot for Living Windows picture frames is currently 20 inches to 50 inches (measured diagonally) and 16:9 aspect ratio (the same as an HDTV). Want to discuss something different? Let's talk.

Q: I live in Florida, will you install a Living Window picture frame for me?

A: For a price, we'll do anything. Realistically, though, we are located in Southern California, and the costs of installing a Living Window picture frame in Florida will be pretty high.

Q: Can I purchase a Living Windows picture frame and install it myself?

A: We're headed that direction and hope to have Do-It-Yourself kits available for you (or your favorite contractor) to install, but for now, we install all Living Windows picture frames personally.

Q: Will you work with my designer or interior decorator?

A: Absolutely, we are happy to work with the trade! Have them contact us.